Your Children Will Not Inherit Your Job





Your children will not inherit your job. The moment you retire or decide to leave your job today, you will be replaced by an enthusiastic young person who has gone to school and has far more qualifications than you do. This young person will be stuck in the matrix until they retire or are used up and worn out. This vicious cycle continues to sap the potential of our people. Who will secure a better future for the next generation if you don’t? Do you truly believe that the company you work for cares about you? Why do you feel entitled to a job that can be taken away in the snap of a finger? THINK!

Start your YouTube channel now and kick-start your content creation journey! Begin planning for your retirement today. Write down your three-year vision and strive to achieve it in just six months. This is how you can truly grow. The matrix is designed to trap you without your awareness. Wake up and open your eyes; you are worth more than just a monthly salary


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