We Are At War By Mary Maina




Read and see what you can take out of it, for we are at War. There are those who Win and those who Lose.
“The ants below your feet are at war.

The companies you purchase from are at war.

The nation states to which you pay tax are at war.

War is absolutely everywhere.

And you walk the earth incapable, without brothers,

Because you feel “safe”


The entire world, everything you touch, was built and improved in War.

One group of men in competition with another,

One group being the winners,

The other being losers.

Every poor man you see lost the battle of capitalism,

Every unfortunate soul you see decaying lost the battle of life,

You feel safe and content alone because you have bought into the fantasy sold to you,

You believe in the safety nets,

You believe the natural state of life is peace,

You believe in the legend of the lone wolf.

The legend sold to you to keep you isolated and weak.

You’re surrounded by losers and think nothing of it,

You’ve never considered the cost of losing because you don’t even realize you’re playing the game.

You are at war right now.

You have no guarantees to be okay,

You have no guarantees you will not lose.

When are you going to wake up and start taking life seriously?


And you won’t win alone.”

Written by: Mary Maina

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