Freedom Is Just an Illusion | Escape The Matrix




There is an illusion that has crowded the minds of people and is controlling the world.

The ILLUSION of freedom, we live in a world where people think that they’re free but the truth is, no one is free as long as they are fulfilling the agenda of the matrix.

I keep saying, that the MATRIX is your enemy and what do you do to an enemy, you wage war against the enemy and NEVER accept defeat or failure.

You have the freedom and liberty to define freedom yourself.

If freedom means enjoying your weekend on Netflix then keep watching.

If freedom means dedicating your life to fight the MATRIX, fight it, and don’t ACCEPT FAILURE. Don’t start a war you can’t WIN.

When the Matrix presents you with 2 choices to either lose or end the fight against it, choose the 3rd option, WIN.

Nobody should dare open their mouths to talk about wars in HISTORY if they can’t even see or fight the wars in their life.

You are a prisoner of the MATRIX if you think you are FREE just because you have the choice to do what you want. This is what you’ve been led to believe, that you are free.

We are a WAR. Strategise if you always want to win.

Never accept FAILURE. See beyond it.


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