Felix: The Homeless Preacher



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Wow, he wanted to be a preacher since he was 6.

This video was first posted in the year 2013 by Threat Music. 9 years down the line, this message has reached over 190k people just through Threat Music, over 160k people through Whoisprakasaka, and over 2M people through Nick Jones, the channel that just shared this.

If this is not preaching then I don’t know what preaching is. His message has reached millions of people.

My takeaway from his wisdom is:

1: You won’t know a fool if you have never been a fool.
2: Humility is key.
3: With sincerity, when you ask for your purpose from God, he will tell you.

Dr. Munroe says in his book ‘In Pursuit of Purpose’, that no manufacturing company manufactures a product before it knows the need that that product is to satisfy, in other words, they manufacture after knowing the purpose of the product.

And if a company thinketh so, then you don’t need any other assurance that before God created you, he first thought of what you are to do in this world before you were conceived.

Number 4:
Happens to be the main theme of this group. You will just escape the matrix if you are pursuing your purpose.

A personal observation is a documented message never ages. If Threat Music had never posted the video we would not have heard of it today.

~ Felix


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