Don’t Wait to Start, Just Start.



If you are reading this, then you are moving too slowly. If you want to see results in your life, stop waiting for the right time. A few days ago, during one of the lectures we had on finding your purpose, we highlighted that instead of asking what you need to do to live your purpose, start by asking who you need to become to live your purpose. The truth is, that becoming is what we all aspire to be. This is why we admire successful people (depending on your definition of success). Successful people often focus on becoming. Becoming means you start even when you are not ready or when you don’t have enough. The more you wait and think about how to actualize your plans and ideas, the more doubt begins to creep in, and it finally overpowers you.

You don’t learn by just learning; you learn by doing. We develop great ideas when we start, fail, and grow. This is the formula for success. It costs nothing to open social media accounts and start a photo blog. You don’t need any money to build a basic website. Creating content for YouTube doesn’t require much to be spent. There are countless free apps available for curating, creating, and editing your work. Giving value to others through the work you share costs nothing, but it will offer a return on investment beyond your imagination if the work is good enough and enough people enjoy it. There is no excuse that can’t be thrown out simply because there are people out there doing amazing things despite wrestling with many of the same constraints the rest of us face.

The right time will never come; start now.

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