We are living in a dangerous world. Your WAR with the world began the day you were born. If you cannot stand up for yourself and fight your battle, you are DONE. Very few people understand how money operates in the world; some say that money is a scarce resource, but few can explain why. So here is the science of money: for you to make money, someone else has to lose it! Life is a game of losses and wins, and practically nobody wants to lose, so money and other limited resources become scarce.

The truth is, no one wants to lose, but as long as you are comfortably content with what you have, you’ve already lost. Where is your HUNGER? Where is your HUNGER to become better? Where is your HUNGER to become better than Yesterday? Where is your HUNGER to stand for God? Where is your HUNGER to STAND for what your ancestors fought for? Where is your HUNGER to address societal problems? Become HUNGRY for success, BECOME a MASTER at personal growth and development, and you will always win. Remember, you are at WAR with everything.

The most successful people in the world are always HUNGRY; that’s why the rich are getting richer, and the less fortunate are trapped in serving the MATRIX.


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